Let Workers Get Around A Large Worksite By E-Bike

Posted on: 5 July 2022

Electric bikes have become a hot commodity as gas prices have risen higher. People who would like to commute by bike but think the distance they have to go is too far appreciate the battery-powered assistance they get on e-bikes that allows them to go farther without becoming too tired. But electric bikes are more than just commuter tools. People on large, spread-out worksites can use them to get around the property instead of getting into a car to drive a mile or two. An electric bike might not seem to be necessary equipment on a construction site, for example, but if your workers need to move around quickly, e-bikes may be the most efficient option.

Get Around Your Worksite Without Increasing Fuel Costs

It's true that not everyone will want to use the bikes, and not everyone will be able to use the bikes, so don't assume everyone will make this change. But for those workers who would like to be able to cross to the other side of the worksite in a short amount of time—without driving—a simple e-bike that you can plug into a wall outlet to recharge isn't going to increase your fuel costs. In fact, it will reduce them (assuming electricity prices don't rise suddenly) because you're not going to fill up as many gas tanks on company cars now. The cost to charge the battery of an electric bike is very low in comparison.

Do Hold Training Sessions

Do hold a few training sessions for workers to learn how to use the bike efficiently. Even if they are great at riding bikes, they need to learn how to use the battery option in a way that doesn't drain the power unnecessarily fast. If your whole point in offering electric bikes to your workers to use onsite is to cut down on power and fuel usage, then you want the power in those batteries to last as long as possible. You might still end up recharging all of them daily, of course, but there's a big difference between that and recharging all of them three to four times a day.

Check With Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company (for the worksite and any company operating on the worksite) is going to want to know about this because you are creating another liability avenue by allowing the electronic bikes. This does not mean you should not introduce the bikes, of course. It merely means that your insurance company might want assurances that anyone using the bikes will wear a helmet, for example, or that you'll get e-bikes with specific safety features such as not having a top battery-powered speed above a certain amount.

You obviously don't want someone using an e-bike to weave and dodge between huge pieces of machinery, but for general transport between offices and around a worksite, an electric bike can be a very convenient form of transportation. If you have a large worksite, speak with people who have to travel around it. They may become very enthusiastic about the idea of using an electric bike.


Using Heavy Construction Equipment Safely

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