Getting Assistance From A Field Dressing Company

Posted on: 3 January 2018

Did one of the transformers at your rural power plant stop working and has caused a power outage? If you rely on the transformer to services a good portion of your customers, it is important to get it repaired as soon as possible. You might need to transport the transformer to a repair shop, especially if the repairs can't be done directly at your plant. Contacting a business that provides field dressing services is the best way to go about handling the situation. Take a look at the content below to learn about some of the services that can be obtained from a company that provides field dressing and undressing services for industrial transformers.

A Large Transformer Can Be Disassembled 

If the transformer that you need to ship to a repair shop is too large, a company that provides field undressing services can disassemble it. The parts that you need to get repaired can be removed and shipped alone. However, the entire transformer can also be disassembled if the repair shop has told you that they need to inspect it.

Flammable Fluids Will Be Drained Out

One of the important things to think about before shipping a transformer to a repair shop is flammable fluid. You don't want to ship the transformer with oil still inside of it. The reason why is because the oil can possibly heat up during the transportation process. If flammable oil heats up, it might cause a fire or explosion in the vehicle that is transporting the transformer. When your transformer is being undressed by a professional company, the oil will be drained out on your behalf.

The Transformer Can Be Transported on Your Behalf

When it comes to transported the transformer or damaged parts to a repair shop, you have several options for the task. You can opt for hiring a company to ship the parts, or the field undressing company might be able to do it for you. If you intend on hiring the field dressing company for the task, be sure to ask in advance if the services is offered. You can also ask how the parts will be transported, as well as if they will be kept safe during the process.

Repaired Parts Can Be Reassembled

After the transformer part are repaired and shipped back to you, they will have to be reassembled. Don't worry about trying to reassemble the parts on your own if you hire a field dressing company. The reason why is because the company can send someone to your plant to perform services that will include putting the transformer back together so you can begin using it. Reassembling the transformer is the part of the process that is known as dressing it.


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