3 Things To Watch For When Buying A Used Backhoe

Posted on: 17 November 2015

Having access to a backhoe can make simple construction projects much easier. If you don't want to invest in a new piece of equipment, you might want to consider taking advantage of the reduced prices associated with used backhoes.

To ensure that you are getting a reliable machine, here are three things to watch for as you shop for a used backhoe in the future.

1. Make sure no smoke is coming from the exhaust during operation.

Backhoes are powered by diesel engines. You can determine if there are any engine problems as you shop for a used backhoe by evaluating the quality of the exhaust emissions.

If you notice blue smoke coming from the exhaust, the backhoe's engine could be leaking oil into the combustion chamber. Black smoke could signal a clogged muffler. Thick white smoke most likely means one of the head gaskets within the engine bay is blown. By evaluating the smoke coming from a used backhoe's exhaust, you will be able to identify potential problems before making an expensive purchase.

2. Check for potential problems in the hydraulic system.

A used backhoe relies on a complex hydraulic system to raise and lower its boom arm. Problems with the hydraulic system are not only costly to repair, they can result in serious injury while your used backhoe is in use. You can check for potential hydraulic problems while shopping for a used backhoe by listening for any abnormal noises while the hydraulic system is engaged.

Banging sounds could be caused by aeration, which occurs when air leaks into the hydraulic lines through the pump's inlet. Cavitation, which occurs when the volume of hydraulic fluid being supplied to a given part of the hydraulic system doesn't meet the demand, usually results in a knocking sound. Identifying these sounds before making a purchase will help you avoid buying a used backhoe with hydraulic problems.

3. Check for rust.

As metal is exposed to the elements, it can begin to rust. Investing in a used backhoe means that each piece of equipment you look at will likely have some rust. While a bit of rust is nothing to be concerned about, significant rusting of the bucket, boom arm, or cab could spell disaster. Try to avoid investing in a used backhoe that shows signs of serious rust, since this rust can weaken the integrity of the machine.

Buying a used backhoe doesn't have to be difficult. As with an used heavy construction equipment for sale, taking the time to inspect each backhoe ensures you purchase the best possible one available. 


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