4 Truck Accessories For Your New Construction Business

Posted on: 20 July 2015

Are you going out on your own with your own construction or contracting business? Whether you're handling small jobs by yourself or managing a crew of workers, your truck is likely to become your primary office when you're on a job site. A good pickup truck can make you a more efficient and reliable contractor. Even the best trucks, though, sometimes need a few additional pieces of gear to be perfect. Here are four must-have pieces of truck equipment to turn your pickup into the perfect contractor work truck:

Air compressor. You probably have air-powered tools that you use regularly on the job site. What happens, though, when you need a backup source of air pressure? Never run into that problem again with an air compressor attached to your truck. These air compressors rest comfortably in the bed of your truck and are small enough that they don't take up too much space. They can also be wired into your car's power system so they'll get a full charge from the battery. Whether you need to power up a nail gun or simply put more air in your tires, you have all the air pressure you need in your truck bed.

Bed cover and toolbox. You'll probably have a ton of tools and materials in your truck bed most of the time. Unfortunately, tools and materials are frequent targets of thieves, especially if the items are made from metal. You can't be with your truck all the time, but you can make sure it's always secure. Install a bed cover that can be locked. That will protect your materials from both theft and the elements. You also may want to install a toolbox just behind the truck cab. That will help you stay organized and free up more room in the truck bed.

Ladder rack. Ladders are an important part of nearly any contracting business. Unfortunately, they take up a ton of room in a truck bed, leaving little space for materials or other tools. You can free up space by installing racks above your bed. That way, you can store the ladders on the racks overhead and then have a clear and empty bed for your other important work items.

Headache rack. Safety should also be an important concern. If you're in an accident, the last thing you want is for your tools and materials to come crashing through the back window of your cab. Install a headache rack over the back window. Headache racks have heavy-duty metal bars that go across the back window. That way, when tools and materials slide forward, they crash into the rack instead of the glass. That keeps you and your passengers safe.

For more tips on how to customize your work truck, visit a local truck equipment dealer like Koenig Body & Equipment Inc. They can help you find the perfect equipment to make your truck just right.


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