Construction Company Having A Company Picnic? How To Make It Great For Everyone

Posted on: 5 May 2015

Having a company picnic for your employees and their families lets them know that you appreciate them, and it is a good time to get together and have some fun. Below are some tips on how you can make this a good day for everyone there.

Activities for Children

Many of your employees are more than likely bringing their children along with them to the company picnic. For this reason, make sure you have things at the picnic to keep them entertained so their parents can have a good time.

One thing you can do is to rent a bounce house from a company like Rentals And More Inc. There are many types available. For example, many companies have them shaped like a cow, castle, elephant, giraffe, clowns, dolphins, circus, pirate, and more. You can find them with slides, so after the kids are done bouncing, they can slide down.

If the picnic is very large, rent more than one so all children have a chance to jump.  Hire a clown to make balloon animals at the children's request. If this is a large picnic, set up a few games for the kids. For smaller children, set up the old fair game of choosing a duck to get a prize. You could set this up in small child's pool filled with water. Because you have a construction company, purchase construction toys, such as dump trucks, for the children to play with.


An area park works nicely for this. Choose one that has a covered place to eat, as well as enough room for the children to play, and for the adults to walk around and talk to each other. The location should also be easy to get to for everyone, and there should be enough parking spaces. Make sure wherever you choose is wheelchair-accessible, just in case.

Food for Everyone

Have food catered in to your company picnic, such as hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. If you do not want to do this, ask each employee to bring a covered dish to the picnic, as well as a desert. Make sure there is kid-friendly food there also, as many children are picky eaters. The venue you choose should have the right type of food service equipment, such as a grill to grill the hamburgers, coolers to keep the beverages cold, and chafing dishes to ensure food stays warm.

Your construction company's picnic can be a success for everyone if you follow these tips. Make it a tradition to have this type of celebration each year.


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